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Komei Juku Brisbane

Our aim is to provide a comfortable, safe and professional means for women and men of all ages and backgrounds to learn Japanese Sword and Naginata.

Komei Juku is a koryu school practicing traditional Japanese weapon training. Our school has a direct lineage going back over 400 years.

You can learn how to safely and competently handle the Japanese Sword and Naginata in an inclusive and respectful training environment.

Students have access to the teachings of Grandmaster Sekiguchi Sensei and Grandmaster Shimizu Nobuko Sensei, through regular seminars held in Australia and overseas each year.

Training includes:

chiburi group

kata (single person forms emphasising traditional combative techniques and scenarios)

kumitachi sensei

kumitachi (controlled two-person sparring)


kihon (effective cutting, blocking, and tactics)