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Traditional Japanese Sword Training

Traditional Japanese swordsmanship has an emphasis on ritual and etiquette. This is done partially for safety reasons and partially to cultivate a spirit of respect and reverence for the art and the sword itself. Japanese sword training is something of a lifelong journey. Even the masters consider themselves to be humble students, constantly striving for perfection. As such, even the basics are subject to continual refinement and it is most definitely a journey best started with proper instruction under the watchful eye of a qualified teacher.

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About Komei Juku Brisbane

Komei Juku is a koryu school practicing traditional Japanese weapon training. Our school has a direct lineage going back over 400 years. Students have access to the teachings of Grandmaster Sekiguchi Sensei and Grandmaster Shimizu Nobuko Sensei, through regular seminars held in Australia and overseas each year.

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The Ancient Art Of Naginata

Naginata (薙刀) is a Japanese pole weapon traditionally used by members of the samurai class. It consists of a wooden staff with a curved blade on the end. Although originally a battlefield weapon predominantly used by men, during the Edo period the art became associated with samurai women who took up the art as a method of defence and self-development.

Like other modern Japanese martial arts, the purpose of modern Naginata is to better yourself through the practice and perfection of the art. The practice of Naginata helps to foster physical and mental discipline, grace, and awareness of self and others. Practice includes choreographed forms (kata) and practice in armour. Competitions are held around the world for both competitive fighting in armour and for kata.

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